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Body Toning Series: Chest

Your chest includes some of the largest muscles in your upper body, and because of this you use them all day long to do everything from normal lifting and carrying to when you need to exert power. This week we tackle the best and most effective ways to train your chest.

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How to Train with a Genetically Low VO2max

When you receive your DNAFit results you'll find that on the fitness side will be an indication of your VO2max ability. But what does this mean? And how should you go about training?

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Foods to Preload with to Combat Oxidative Stress

When you exercise, your body is put under stress and free radicals are produced, which can damage your cells. You can counteract this by preloading with antioxidant-rich foods to ensure your body maintains a healthy balance.

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Body Toning Series: Arms

Next up, we shift our focus to your arms and the exercises that you can do to build muscle and get the best results!

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Everything You Need To Know About A Low Carb Diet

Still wondering about how to optimise your ideal low carb diet type? We explain it all right here.

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Healthy Aphrodisiac Foods For Valentine's Day

Thinking of spoiling your Valentine with a candlelit dinner prepared by you? Go ahead and include these foods on the menu to make your night that much more romantic...

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Body Toning Series: Abs

We start off our body toning series with a focus on abs, detailing how you can get the perfect six pack or toned look you're aiming for.

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Life Pro Tips for Meal Prep

Meal preparation can not only serve to save you time and money, but can also broaden your food choices and make you become more aware of what you're putting inside of your body.

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Eccentric Loading Exercises for Fitness and Health

Optimise your workout by doing eccentric loading exercises to build your power and prevent injury. Our sports scientist tells you how!

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Are We Hungrier When It Is Cold?

It's a commonly accepted belief that we all get hungrier when it is cold, but is it simply a Pavlovian response to cultural norms and societal hive mind, or is there something to it? We investigate the research done around this topic to find out.

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